Friday, October 29, 2010

Celeb Rookie Cards #25 Nat Neidhart and Drew Barrymore

They aren't perfect, but they are my attempt at the world of virtual cards. They are the Celebrity Rookie Cards.

Today, I am featuring two women on Celebrity Rookie cards. The first CRC'er is Nattie Neidhart, third generation wrestling member of the Hart dynasty. Nattie, daughter of Jim "the Anvil" Neidhart, is currently wrestling for the WWE, although she is more a manager than a wrestler for some reason. Once again, I see the WWE not letting an excellent female wrestler show her skills. At least, Neidhart showed off her Vodafone soccer jersey on a promo tour for the WWE. Nattie becomes the second CRC'er to be shown in a soccer jersey.
Despite still being young, Drew Barrymore has already had a long and interesting career. More interesting is the Marlins pinwheel. The tied jersey is good enough for Barrymore to get a Celebrity Rookie Card, but the whole ensemble is questionable. It does remind me of some of the Fleer cards of the late 80's though.


Collective Troll said...

Very nice! I had no idea that Drew was a fan of the Fish. Awesome!

Hackenbush said...

Who doesn't love Drew Barrymore. She's been through a lot but seems to be in a good place now.

Johngy said...

Drew's card is one of my favorites. It's pure silliness.