Friday, October 15, 2010

Dawn Marie to the (Wrestlers) Rescue

Years ago, JayHawk Evans and I met Dawn Marie at a comic book store in Golf Mill Mall in Morton Grove (IL). Dawn had recently debuted in ECW and was about to become a star on the wrestling scene.
Fifteen or so years later, Dawn is retired from the wrestling business, but is still very busy with wrestling. She is the woman behind Wrestlers Rescue, a foundation started to create awareness and raise funds for the healthcare of retired professional wrestlers.
Dawn can often be found at various conventions greeting fans and spreading the word on Wrestlers Rescue. She is more concerned with Wrestlers Rescue than her own merchandise.  Dawn is very outgoing and definitely a friend of Johngy's Beat. Over on the right side of this page, she can be found cutting a nice promo for this site.
Dawn accomplished a lot during her time in pro wrestling. However, as much as she did during her active career, she is doing even more for pro wrestling now.
Dawn Marie and me in Morton Grove, IL-Mid 1990's.

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