Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bear Down Sunday #9

The Chicago Bears (at 5-3) face the Minnesota Vikings (at 3-5).  Both teams need the win.  This should be a great game.
I would feel a bit better if the Bears had a better offensive line and a true #1 receiver.  I like the receivers the Bears have, but none as a #1 yet.  In honor of the wide receiver, I am highlighting Marcus Robinson, who spent five seasons with the Bears, before playing in Baltimore for one season and ending his career with three nice seasons in Minnesota.
I met Robinson at Mike North's Bowl-A-Thon.  Robinson might have had his game face onm, because he barely spoke to me.  I wasn't even asking for an autograph, just the quick picture below.  Actually, not many people approached him.  Maybe a lot of people didn't recognize him or maybe they were too busy chasing some of the other stars (like Gale Sayers and Mike Ditka).
Robinson wasn't rude, but he was very quiet.  He really just didn't seem comfortable there.
Hopefully, the Bears will utilize their wide receivers today, while shutting down Minnesota's (which pretty much means shutting down Brett Favre).
Marcus Robinson and me in Arlington Heights, IL-Late 1990's.

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