Monday, November 29, 2010

Friendly Encounters

This is a weekly feature highlighting friends who have met celebs.

A while back, while researching for an online piece for Global Traveler, I came across "Evil Pete" (not to be confused with Evil Zebra). Pete is the founder of 505, a social network in the Lancaster (PA) area. The piece can still be found here, if you want to read more of Pete's story or to just check out my GT work).
Pete had a handful of great old school pictures of him as a youngster with various Philadelphia Eagles. He graciously allowed me to run the photos and his story.
Pete is pictured with Wade Key, a former guard and tackle with the Eagles in the 1970's. Key's entire career was with the Eagles and spanned all ten seasons of the 70's. Key was a solid player and one of the first football cards I ever had. Yes, that first card did feature Key in the very posed traditional guard stance. I love those old cards and this old photo.
Wade Key and Pete in West Chester, PA-Summer 1975.

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