Friday, November 5, 2010

On the Beat with Chrissy Colligan (A Lost Interview Almost with Emmanuelle Chriqui)

A while ago, I wrote about getting a super quick interview with's Chrissy Colligan at Dodger Stadium.  I thought I lost the snippet, but I recently found the cd with a ton of stuff, including my interaction with Chrissy.
As I wrote before, in 2008, we were at Dodger Stadium to interview Rick Monday for Global Traveler.  We got a few other interviews while we waited for Monday.  As we were leaving the field, we saw Chrissy waiting to interview actress Emmanuelle Chriqui for  I jumped in an got a quick sound byte from Chrissy.
Aside from her work on, Chrissy is a personal trainer in the Los Angeles area.  She can also be heard reading some pulp stories on the Well Told Tales website.
I think my intrusion really unnerved her producer guy (coordinator?).  I think I threw off his timing.  As Chuck says though, "Hey, we're all professionals here."
Below is the audio from my bit with Chrissy.  Below that is the piece she did for  At about the 40 second mark, you can see my arm on the left side of the screen (Yes, I am that petty).

Chrissy Colligan interviews Emmanuelle Chriqui in Los Angeles, CA-June 2008
(Video courtesy of

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