Sunday, December 26, 2010

Bear Down Sunday #15

The Chicago Bears are 10-4 and have clinched the NFC North.  They are now fighting for home field advantage as they face the New York Jets who are also 10-4, but are fighting for an AFC Wildcard.  In honor of the Bears being NFC North champs, I am presenting Kevin Butler, the last active member of the 1985 Bears, our last championship team. 
Butthead was a rookie on that championship team.  He was an outstanding kicker for the Bears for eleven seasons, before kicking for the Arizona Cardinals for his last two seasons.  He was also one of the most popular Bears of that era.
I met Butthead a few times and he was always very friendly.  One time I saw him was in Plattville at training camp.  By then he was a grizzled veteran.  He talked to us briefly as he headed for his vehicle.
Hopefully, Robbie Gould will join Butler as a kicker on a Super Bowl champ.  Gould kicked for the Bears in the 2006 Super Bowl season, but that ended in a loss.  Gould and the Bears need to bring home the trophy (just like Butler did).
Kevin Butler in Platteville, WI-August 1994.

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