Thursday, December 23, 2010

Everybody's Got a Record (C)HCoSG

Matt F. is the creative force behind an interesting site called Heartbreaking Cards of Staggering Genius.  The site contains all sorts of great sports stuff, including a few series like Heartbreakingly Great Names.
Another of his series is Everybody's Got a Record, in which he "strives to prove the universal truth that every baseball player holds some kind of record".  I really enjoy this series and wrote Matt that I wanted to borrow his feature for a few of my favorite players. This proved to be challenging, as my favorite players of the past often times didn't have a great body of work.
My first attempt was former Chicago White Sox first baseman Mike Squires.  Squires had a decent ten year career, mostly as a part-time player, although he did win a Gold Glove in 1981.
I scrolled down to the Leaderboard section on his BB Reference page and struck gold.  There it was...a record for Squires!  He is #1 all-time for Range Factor/9 Innings for 1B.  His 10.496 is technically tied with Ron Jackson and the data only goes back to 1974, but it is his record right now and I am touting it!
Thanks goes to Matt for allowing me to borrow his feature.  Thanks also goes to Matt for consistently posting interesting stuff.

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Matt F. said...

Glad to help you and I look forward to what records you find.