Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Jim

Today, I am highlighting Jim Gekas on his birthday.  Jim is the third Gekas in 22 days to celebrate a birthday.
I met Jim through his brother Chuck.  Jim started to work at Lerner Newspapers after Chuck left, but while I was still there.  Jim has also became a regular on my softball team.
Jim is a definite Hall of Famer when it comes to musical trivia (but I do think I might have a shot at "Name That Tune" against him).  Jim is also a gifted musician as evident by his song Mr. Robinson.
On a baseball trip to Pittsburgh with a few friends, Jim ran into his childhood favorite, Manny Sanguillen.  Jim was a big fan of the Pirates from that era.  It was really cool to see Jim get excited and pose with his hero.  I have done this hundreds of times, but I always get a kick when I see my friends meet one of their favorites.
Jim is certainly one of my closest friends and I appreciate and value his friendship greatly.  I hope today is a great day.  Happy birthday, Seamus!
Jim Gekas and Manny Sanguillen in PNC Park in Pittsburgh, PA-June 2005

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