Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ian Ziering in Rosemont 60018

You might be reluctant to admit it, but didn't most of us watch Beverly Hills, 90210 at some point? It ran for 10 seasons and helped launch many careers. One of the co-stars was Ian Ziering, who played Steve, friend of the Walsh family.
The show ended ten years ago, but Ziering looks the same. It isn't a bad-plastic, frozen-in-time look either. Ziering looks great.
He is also a nice guy. I ran out of time one day at the show and I asked him if we could talk the next day. He readily agreed. The next day as I walked by his booth, he recognized me and waved me over.
He has just started to do a few of these conventions and says that he really enjoys them. He likes meeting the fans, meeting other celebrities and seeing different cities. He also said how much he likes Chicago.
Okay, yes, he could have just been saying the right thing, but I don't think so. His explanations, look and inflection gave me the impression that he was being completely honest. He was just fun to meet. Plus, I kept expecting Brandon or Brenda Walsh to come arond the corner and invite us both to the Peach Pit.
Ian Ziering and me in Rosemont, IL-August 2010.

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