Sunday, January 2, 2011

Bear Down Sunday #16

The Chicago Bears are playing a meaningless game today.  That isn't so unusual.  The unusual part is that at 11-4, they have already clinched the #2 spot in the playoff seeding.  On the other hand, the Green Bay Packers need the win.  To celebrate this unusual situation, I am featuring an unusual former player for the Green Bay Packers.
Despite being pictured in Steelers garb, Lex Luger actually was a member of the Green Bay Packers.  Larry Pfohl (as he was then known) played in the CFL before joining the Packers.  Although he spent the entire season on the Injured Reserve list, Pfohl was officially a member of the Green and Gold.
Luger went on to have an excellent career in pro wrestling, winning two major world titles and several lesser titles during his lengthy career.
Luger has gone through his share of problems, but he was extremely nice when I met him several years ago.  After talking to him for several minutes, I got a picture with him.  Unfortunately, the picture turned out poorly (pre-digital camera).  The next day, I asked him for another and he remembered me and quickly agreed to take another picture.
Win or lose today, the Bears are in the playoffs.  Hopefully, like Luger, they willwin the world championship!
 Lex Luger and me in St. Pete, FL-January 2005.

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