Saturday, January 15, 2011

Celeb Rookie Cards #35 Garth Brooks & Danny Glover

They aren't perfect, but hopefully they are getting better and are enjoyable.  In either case, they are Celebrity Rookie Cards, my attempt to join the world of virtual card creations.

We're going West coast baseball today with Garth Brooks leading off.  Brooks actually played in some Spring Training games for the San Diego Padres, the KC Royals and the New York Mets.  His time with he Padres produced his first rbi and also his Celebrity Rookie Card.
In Angels in the Outfield, Danny Glover plays the manager of the California Angels.  I looked for a photo of him in an Angels jersey, but came up with one in a Giants jersey instead.  I put the veteran actor at catcher, because he seems like he'd have a strong arm and good leadership qualities.  Plus, I think he could have beaten out the competition (namely Mike Sadek, Dennis Littlejohn, Bob Kearney, Marc Hill and John Tamargo, who hit a combined .207).  I think Glover's card would fit in nicely with the 1980 set.

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