Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Everyone Loves Big Money

I know the family and friends love him.  I know he is mildly famous within certain circles.  I just never knew the overall impact my nephew Matt (aka Big Money) has.
There is no longer a doubt, however.  It's right there on tape, featuring none other than Flo, the spokesperson for Progressive Insurance.  Flo is one of the most popular spokespeople ever and there she is cheering for my nephew.
How does he do it?  How did this happen?  How can I use it all to benefit me?  Oh I mean, how can I help Big Money gain more exposure?
The answer is simple.  I will put the video of Flo cheering for my nephew right here, on Johngy's Beat!  (Special note to Flo-If you read this, I would kill for you to do a video promo for my site).

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