Thursday, January 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Scott

Where to begin with my brother-in-law Scott Parker.  I have known him for about 28 years.  Over those years, he has been a mentor, a friend and a brother to me.
He's also been a frequent betting opponent of mine.  Who knows how many bets we have made over the years.  I do know that after years of being his whipping dog, I finally started to actually win some over the last couple of years.
I want to take this time to publicly thank Scott for everything.  From the 1995 fishing trip with his friends which brought me out of a deep funk, to the recent Houston trip which included one of the most exciting Texans game ever...we have had some great times. 
I am glad you are part of my family (or maybe I am part of yours).  I hope you have a great birthday and a fantastic year.  I also hope I win at least 51% of all bets we make in 2011.
Happy birthday Scott!
Matt Parker, me and Scott Parker in Houston, TX-December 2010.

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