Sunday, January 30, 2011

Kevin Martin was not a Stiff

I haven't featured many basketball players here, because I haven't met a lot of basketball players.  I don't know why, but basketball players don't do a lot of autograph appearances.  I know there are less players per team (and therefore there should be proportionately less than baseball or football), but even that doesn't explain the few player appearances.
When I was recently in Houston, I Happened to run into "Kevin Martin".  I found him to be quite a cut-up (or was that cut-out?).  Hey, at least he smiled for the picture, unlike some celebs, whom I have met.
Martin is listed at 6'7" and that is pretty accurate.  I was amazed at how thin he is.  At 185 pounds, he is 5 pounds lighter than me.  It must be working, because he is averaging 17.7 points per game for his career.
Kevin Martin and me in Houston, TX-December 2010.

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