Sunday, January 23, 2011

Vince Papale Loves Johngy's Beat

Vince Papale was the Guest Speaker at the recent Global Traveler Awards event.  Papale was the NFL's oldest (non-kicker) rookie and the subject of the movie Invincible, which starred Mark Wahlberg.
Papale never played football in college, but was a great athlete.  In his late 20's, he tried out and made the Philadelphia Bell of the now-defunct World Football League.  After about a year and a half, shortly after the WFL folded, Papale got a tryout with the Philadelphia Eagles and made the team.  He became a special teams standout and played for 3 seasons.
After his speech, Papale mingled with everyone at the GT event.  He really was a great guy.  Before the evening ended, he took a moment to send a shout out to Johngy's Beat.

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