Friday, February 18, 2011

Autograph Tales:Diversity 5

The Nitro Girls were an unexpected success.  Under the reign of Eric Bischoff, Kim Page formed the Nitro Girls in WCW in 1997 as a dance group to entertain the fans during commercial breaks.  They became hugely popular.
Like a lot of things in WCW at the time, success brought on greed and lead to overexposure.  The Nitro Girls were given storylines or brought into other storylines.  They feuded amongst themselves, too.
In 2001, five of the Nitro Girls (Chae An, Melissa Bellin, Sharmell Sullivan, Teri Byrne and Vanessa Sanchez) released a one cd single under the group name Diversity 5.
The group was not well received outside of the wrestling world.  Their lowlight was being voted off a reality tv show in late 2002.  I believe this was the last anyone heard of Diversity 5.
I got the cd single from Teri Byrne (aka Fyre) at some point during their time together.  I was happier about getting the five autographs than I was about getting the music.  I must admit though, the song wasn't bad.

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