Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ron Siemers had the Blues

I first met Ron Siemers in the Spring of 1996, my first year in the very prestigious Boone League (the premier fantasy baseball league). Ron is a Minnesotan, but not a Minnesota sports fan.  His sports allegiance still belongs to Chicago...well most of Chicago.
Ron has a strong dislike for the Cubs.  Despite this, Ron is a knowledgeable sports fan.  He's also a great guy.
In the Boone League, I have finished last more times than I care to remember (although league historian Scott O. could probably get the exact number).  Ron has never given me too much crap over it...wait a minute.  He gives me crap every chance he gets.  I have had very few chances to really give it back and this is one of them!
Ron lost a friendly wager to a buddy of his.  The best sports bets do not involve cash.  As I have written here before, I have lost a few 'jersey' bets in my lifetime.  Ron's lost wager involved him donning the beautiful blue of the Chicago Cubs.
Like a true good loser, Ron wore it proudly.  He even went one step further and sent the picture to several of us who wouldn't even have known about this bet.  Now that is a good loser!
What you see below is a rarity.  Ron is usually a happy guy, always smiling and laughing.  I guess you can call this a case of the blues and Johngy's Beat is here to report it!
Thanks for sharing this goes to Ron.  I'll see you in March, when I enter the draft room as the reigning Boone League champ.
Ron Siemers in Cubs blue in Minnesota-October 2010.


Boone76 said...

Why must you torture me so.....To see our friend Ronnie looking so sad in his blue clown's just breaks my heart on several different levels.

It reminds of the emails that occasionally float around titled "Why pets kill their owners". The poor dog/cat looks so pathetic because their idiot owners dress them up like idiots and take their pick, which get's posted somewhere on the web...

Sad :-(


Johngy said...

Maybe it's my way of warning the youth of America against the evils of betting.
Maybe it is my revenge for years of abuse in the Boone League (isn't finishing in last every other year punishment enough).
Maybe it is me giving props (although slightly demented props) to my good bud Ron.
How are things in Ric Flair country? Woooooooooooooooooo!