Saturday, April 30, 2011

At Chiller Theatre

I was doing research on the Chiller Theatre convention (being held this weekend) and I came across Mikey Hersh, who agreed to contribute some pictures and info.  Chiller Theatre was a tv program which featured classic horror movies.  The Chiller Theatre convention features celebrity guests and dealers mostly of the horror genre.
Mikey went to his first Chiller Theatre Expo in September of 2008.  An appearance by Ace Frehley was too hard to resist.  In Mikey's words:
I usually don't pay for autographs and photos unless it's somebody who truly has made an impact on me. Since I had already met Paul Stanley, Peter Criss, and Gene Simmons, how could I pass up the chance to meet "Space Ace" Ace Frehley? I asked if I could just get a photo with him, but his representative told me that the price for an autograph and a photo are separate. I figured I'd just pay for the autograph, and my brother would snap the photo of me shaking Ace's hand. What do you know? Ace poses next to me and tells my brother to take the picture. If it were Gene Simmons, I highly doubt this would have happened. We talked a little about his new album and how disgusted I was with Tommy Thayer wearing his costume in the new line-up of Kiss. Even though Ace wasn't the biggest name at the show, it seemed like he had the most people there to see him.
To get the rest of Mikey's stories and pictures of Chiller, you can check out his 2008 Chiller report and his 2009 Chiller report.  Both are filled with great stuff about his time at the Chiller Theatre Expo.  Also on Mikey's site MisenPOPic are a lot of :brushes with greatness" celebrity photos, and a bunch of interesting music lists and movie lists.
I really appreciate Mikey sharing his experience here.  I am sure we will have more from Mikey in the future.  In the meantime, check out his site!
Mikey Hersh and Ace Frehley in Parsippany, NJ-September 2008.

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