Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Autograph Tales:The Keough Family

A few weeks ago, I highlighted a baseball I had signed by the LaRoche family (Dave, Andy and Adam). Today, I am happy to feature another baseball signed by another family.
Marty Keough was the first Keough to make the majors, debuting in 1956.  The outfielder-first baseman played for six teams during the course of his eleven year career.  He finished with the Chicago Cubs in 1966.
Marty's brother Joe Keough debuted in 1968 with the Oakland A's.  Mostly an outfielder, Joe played six seasons, ending his career with the Chicago White Sox.
Marty's son Matt Keough made his debut in 1977 as a pitcher with the Oakland A's.  He pitched mostly for the A's, although he also pitched for the Yankees, Cardinals, Cubs and Astros.  He deserved better than his record of 58-84 would indicate.
Several years ago, I sent a baseball to Marty Keough, asking him to sign it.  I mentioned that I planned on sending it to Joe and Matt in the future in an effort to have all three on the ball.  Much to my surprise, Marty did the work for me, getting Joe and Matt to sign the ball before he returned it to me.  How very cool of all of them.
I always take special interest in family ties within sports.  Much like with the LaRoche family, I was very happy to add the Keough family ball to my collection.
 Matt Keough
Marty Keough
Joe Keough

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