Thursday, June 16, 2011

Big Money's Big Moment

Last Sunday, my nephew Matt graduated from DePaul University.  It was a great moment for Matt and his family and friends.
Twenty four years ago, I graduated from DePaul.  About a year later, Matt was born.  Maybe it is just me waxing nostalgic, but I like the symmetry there.
Matt has grown up into a fine young adult.  He's a fun nephew, but more important, I consider him a great friend.  Like his parents, I wish great things for Matt.  I hope he doesn't settle.  I hope he finds happiness in everything he does.  His future is bright and full of promise.  It really is one of the most exciting times in life.
The rest of us have been lucky to have Matt in our lives.  We are all proud of him and love him dearly.
Below is Matt's big moment.  Congratulations, Big Money!

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The Parkers said...

Graduating from college in 4 years from DePaul is a huge accomplishment, we are so proud of our son!