Monday, June 13, 2011

Friendly Encounters

This is a regular series featuring my friends who have met celebs.

Global Traveler magazine Publisher Fran Gallagher has had many opportunities to meet celebrities over the years.  I have even been with him at some of those events.  Unfortunately, I was not there for his most recent celebrity encounter.
A couple months ago, Fran attended a benefit dinner for the Richie Ashburn-Harry Kalas Foundation.  There were many former and current Phillies in attendance.  Basically, this is a Phillies fan's dream and Fran certainly has become a Phillies fan.
Oh I rib Fran for jumping on the bandwagon and for his lack of knowledge, but I have to admit, he is learning quickly and he is a loyal supporter.  Fortunately, he is also a loyal supporter of Johngy's Beat (see promo videos on the right).  Fran made sure to get his picture taken with Phillies catcher Carlos Ruiz and former pitcher Ricky Bottalico.  Actually, I think Fran squeezed himself into the picture, but I would have done the same.  Global Traveler is the best source for business and travel news, but you won't see a lot of sports or celebrity coverage in it.  That's why Fran sends his celebrity encounters to Johngy's Beat!
Carlos Ruiz, Ricky Bottalico and Fran Gallagher in Philadelphia, PA-May 2011.

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