Monday, June 20, 2011

Friendly Encounters

This is a regular series about friends who have met celebs.

Joshua Kohl of the DodgerBobble site has appeared here a couple times.  He has been seen with Tommy LaSorda (legendary Dodgers manager) and Billy Ashley (a one time hot Dodgers prospect).  Today, Josh will be shown meeting Bill Russell, a long time part of the Dodgers organization.
Josh's DodgerBobble site is full of all sorts of great Dodgers stuff, especially bobbleheads and player appearances.  Josh is a great fan and likes meeting Dodgers players past and present.  He always posts a great report with nice pictures of the meetings.  Such was the case when he recently met Bill Russell, one-fourth of the legendary Dodgers infield of the 70's.
I always liked Russell. Russell had nearly 2000 hits (1926) all with the Dodgers.  I am not sure of the exact rank, but I think that is pretty high for a player with only one team.  I would have loved to have Russell playing on either side of Chicago, yet he was the fourth best infielder in the great Dodgers infield of the 70's.   He later had a stint at managing the team.
You can read Josh's full report on meeting Russell here.  Don't stop there though.  Check out the rest of his blog.  It's full of great baseball stuff, especially Dodgers stuff.
Joshua Kohl and Bill Russell in Sherman Oaks, CA-May 2011.


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Thanks Johngy!

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