Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Gran Torino (You Know Which One)

In the mid-late 1970's, one of the most popular tv shows was Starsky and Hutch, although I was never a big fan of it.  I liked Baretta much more.
The car driven on Starsky and Hutch remains one of the most recognizable and popular vehicles in tv history.  It is a 2 door Gran Torino and Paul Michael Glaser (aka Starksy) hated the car.  He referred to it as the "striped tomato", a name which would be used on the show itself by David Soul (aka Hutch).  The car changed from a 1975 to a 1976 model, along with a few other modifications, during the course of the series.
Much like my mild disdain for the show, I didn't like the car either.  On the other hand, Baretta's 1966 Chevy Impala (aka the Blue Ghost) was my kind of car!
Why isn't that car doing the convention circuit?!
The Starsky and Hutch car in Rosemont, IL-Late 1990's.


Mark A. said...

Nice walk down memory lane. If I had to pick a car from a TV show, I'd either go with Get Smart's Sunbeam Tiger or Columbo's 1959 Peugeot Convertible.

Johngy said...

Good call on Get Smart!