Friday, June 10, 2011

Whoopi in Vegas

I am not sure what created more excitement for my nephew Matt Parker...seeing Whoopi Goldberg in Las Vegas or reporting it to Johngy's Beat.  Certainly the Johngy's Beat report would be more prestigious, but I digress.
On a trip to Las Vegas earlier this year, Matt saw Whoopi whooping it up on a slot machine at his hotel.  Matt knew that photographs are not permitted in casinos, but he threw caution out the window, knowing this would be a scoop for Johngy's Beat.  Matt had to be discreet, but he managed to digitally capture Whoopi in action for all to see here.
Whoopi was accompanied by her bodyguards, while she enjoyed her session at the slots.  She didn't appear to be a high roller, nor did she bounce around from machine to machine.  It was probably more about a little publicity for her and the casino and maybe a bit of a time-waster before her show.
Either way, Whoopi was there.  Matt saw and reported it. Now, I present it.
Whoopi Goldberg in Las Vegas, NV-March 2011.

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Big Money said...

I'm proud to be an official Johngy's Beat reporter. I'll sure to be staying on the lookout for another report for The Beat.