Friday, July 22, 2011

Celeb Jersey Cards #62 Kathy Ireland & Geri Halliwell

This is a regular series which combines my passion for trading cards with my interest in celebs.

Kathy Ireland was born and raised near Los Angeles.  She has remained close to her LA roots while attaining stardom worldwide.  That alone should make her a model Dodgers fan (sorry, couldn't resist that one).  Ireland went old school with a high leg kick and excellent form when she tossed out the first pitch.  She wore #42, which was retired for Jackie Robinson, of course.
From old school to new school, brings us to Geri Halliwell.  No self-respecting old-schooler would wear an "08" jersey, but Halliwell adds her own "spice" to everything (sorry again).  I am going to claim the 08 is for Hall of Famer Gary Carter (although I doubt Halliwell even knows him).  In reality, it probably is for the year in which Halliwell took the field to earn her Celeb Jersey Card.

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