Monday, July 18, 2011

Friendly Encounters

This is a regular series involving friends who have met celebs.

I first met Bill Apter at a Wrestle Reunion in Florida in 2005.  Bill went out of his way to rectify a problem we had.  In fact, he checked back with us several times over the weekend.  I don't even remember the problem, but we never forgot Bill's care and attention.
Bill is a legendary wrestling journalist.  His current journalistic home is and the 1Wrestling YouTube channel.   Previously, he was with the Pro Wrestling Illustrated magazines, sometimes called the "Apter Mags" a sign of just how respected and popular he is.  For all the great work he has done, the WWE shoul put him in their Hall of Fame.
On Facebook, Bill recently posted a celebrity Friendly Encounter he had.  I loved the picture and his description and asked him to share it here.  In Bill's own words...
ME AND ... Ernie and Cookie Monster ... July 3, 2011--Times Square, NYC ... When you talk about legends who are more legendary than these two world renowned celebs? I had a great time with them and even did my imitation of both of them and Ernie's best friend Bert (who was not there -- ill from eating too many of Cookie Monster's Chocolate Chip Cookies with too much milk the night before). They still look great even though they are senior citizens and still very chipper in personality. I have met a ton of celebs in the past but these two are the best!In my opinion, (with Bill) they are three of the best.  I appreciate Bill sharing his photo and thoughts.  Bill has agreed to share other pictures he has and those will be here in the future.  Until then, check out his work on
Ernie, Bill Apter and the Cookie Monster in New York, NY-July 2011.


Zeke said...

Bill Apter is a giant in the business and a great friend to all.

Jack J said...

Bill is a Hall of Famer in every way.