Sunday, July 24, 2011

Old Times at the Comiskey Park

I'm back again with a grainy photo but clear memory from my younger days.  This one features Mike Squires (my favorite White Sox player of all time) and Comiskey Park.
Back in the early 80's, the White Sox didn't draw great attendance.  Many times, the total attendance was below 10,000.  There were wround that number when my dad and I went to see the Sox face the woeful Cleveland Indians.
The Indians had super rookie Joe Charboneau, along with ex-White Sox players Jorge Orta, Pat Kelly and Alan Bannister and ex-Cubs Andre Thornton, Miguel Dilone and Davey Rosello.  It was quite a Chicago reunion.
At some point, I wandered over to the first base box seats and snapped a picture of Squires.  It wasn't even a good action shot.  I should have waited for a better moment.  Maybe even waited until he batted, although defense was his specialty.
Still, the picture shows the bad Sox uniforms of that era.  It shows Tony Bernazard standing near second base.  You can also see a lot of empty seats.  Furthering the eye strain, Ron LeFlore is (almost) visible in center and I believe that is Wayne Nordhagen in left.
The White Sox finished in 3rd and 6th in the split season that was 1981.  On to better news, my man Squires won the Gold Glove that season.
Mike Squires in Chicago, IL-Summer 1981.

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