Friday, July 15, 2011

On the Beat with Kayla Perkins

Kayla Perkins is a young actress and model who has an impressive resume already.  Kayla has done several movies, commercials, music videos and print ads.  She is one very active young woman and she holds a "regular" job in her hometown.
When I learned that Kayla would be appearing at the Days of the Dead convention, I contacted her and asked for an interview.  Kayla was so polite and nice.  I really looked forward to meeting her.
Despite being a popular guest and having a steady stream of fans, Kayla still took time to talk to us for a few moments.  We discussed her career, her life and her future plans.
Kayla was great and I really appreciate her time.  Go to Kayla's website to learn more about this young actress.  I am quite sure we will be seeing much more of Kayla in the future.


Emmy said...

Wow. She seems so nice and she's so pretty. What a lovely young actress.

Cleveland Mike said...

I saw her in Hellephone and Hell House. She has a bright future and should do well.

Zeke said...

I like these interviews. Keep them coning.

Kayla Perkins said...

Aww you all are so sweet!! Thanks so much for the interview, it was fun talking with you! I just wished the background noise hadn't drowned us out so bad but it's ok! Next time well have to step out where it's quit! I'm glad you all enjoyed it! Thanks again!! Kayla Perkins