Friday, July 29, 2011

On the Beat with Kaylee Williams

Kaylee Williams was the first celeb guest I attempted to interview at the Days of the Dead convention.  Kaylee responded positibely and politely.  She became the first celeb I interviewed at the event.
Kaylee is a talented young actress and model from Schaumburg (IL).   Because she loves doing stunts and wanted to learn and improve, she has trained with a stunt group called Asylum Stunts.  Kaylee has an impressive body of work already and her career really has just begun.  As you will learn from the interview, Kaylee was at the convention to promote Idiot Gore.
Unfortunately, some of the bugs weren't worked out in the process and there is too much background noise during the interview.  You can actually hear Kaylee better than me.  My questions were about doing conventions, doing acting in her native Chicago area, how she got started in horror, if she wants to stay in horror, how it felt to be asked for an autograph and what she was working on now.
I really appreciate Kaylee giving me her time and thoughts for this interview.  I hope to see her again at a future convention and catch up with her (and I will do better with the sound).  Kaylee has a bright future and Johngy's Beat will be following her career as it develops.


Jessica said...

Oh she seems so sweet. I'm going to have to check out her work.

Zealous One said...

I recognized her in insignificant Celluloid. Good interview.