Friday, August 12, 2011

At Wizard World in Chicago

Dawn Marie was one of the first wrestlers I ever met (possibly the first).  Since then, I have met her several times and I walk away impressed each time.  Dawn Marie even likes (or tolerates) Johngy's Beat enough that she did a promo video for us.
While she is mostly retired from the wrestling scene, she is very active in caring for wrestlers.  She is the force behind Wrestlers Rescue, an organization aimed at helping out wrestlers (past and present) in need.  Dawn Marie is also VP of MUDA Multi-Media Entertainment, a company she runs with Michele Mupo.
Dawn Marie is a great guest and typical of celeb guests at Wizard World.  Looking at the table in the picture below, you can see a variety of photos she has available.  She also has tshirts (to promote and benefit Wrestlers Rescue).  She comes fully loaded and prepared to give her fans plenty of offerings from which to choose.  She is also very fan friendly and likes to have fun with other celebs and attendees at these conventions.  She looks like she has as much fun as the fans!
This is another example of the great guests that Wizard World gets.  You couldn't want more from a celebrity or a celebrity convention!
Dawn Marie at Wizard World in Rosemont, IL-August 2008.

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