Sunday, August 21, 2011

Autograph Tales:Stan Perzanowski

Stan Perzanowski pitched in parts of five seasons for the White Sox, Rangers and Twins.  He appeared as a member of the Rangers on a 1976 Topps baseball card.
I sent that card to him several years ago and asked him to sign it.  I also asked if he happened to have any pictures of himself during his time with the White Sox.  I grew up as a Sox fan and I remember Perzanowski pitching here, but I didn't have any pictures of him wearing the White Sox uniform (the early 70's uni that I love so much).
A couple weeks later, I received my envelope back with the card signed, but there was something else in that envelope, too.  Perzanowski included a signed postcard size b/w picture of himself in the Sox red and powder blue uni in old Comiskey Park.
I wondered if he had a stack of those postcards.  Then I wondered if he had something similar from his other teams.  I always wonder such things about retired players, especially ones who weren't superstars.
Whatever the case, I was happy to get the White Sox postcard.  It's always fun to get a reminder of my baseball youth, especially those red and blues!

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Hackenbush said...

Nice guy. I have no memory of him whatsoever. My favorite White Sox uniforms.