Monday, August 15, 2011

Friendly Encounter In Houston

This is a regular series about my friends who have met celebs.

I am starting a Houston theme with a Friendly Encounter which happened in Minute Maid Park in Houston (TX).  This encounter stars one of the most famous characters ever.  He is beloved by millions and I am pretty sure he even has a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame.
The star in question is not my nephew Matt, although he fits most of that description.  (I don't think he has a star yet, though).  That doesn't mean Matt takes a backseat to Mickey.  Matt simply hasn't been around as long.  There is little doubt that someday, Matt will be the bigger of the two.  Until then, let's just call this a double celebrity Friendly Encounter.
Matt posed with the magnificent mouse while we were at an Astros game last season.  Just look at that photo.  You know it has to be framed and up on the wall at his parent's home (Yes, they love Mickey Mouse that much!).  Oh just kidding, they love Matt, too.
Matt Parker and Mickey Mouse in Houston, TX-August 2010.

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Jean Parker said...

Have fun in Houston! Can't wait to hear all the stories!