Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mike Lookinland Loves Johngy's Beat

As I have previously written, I have met Mike Lookinland a couple of times.  Earlier this year at the Motor City Comic Con, Lookinland recognized me from a previous convention.  I have had some celebs remember me from other cons before, but usually it is after meeting them several times.  I had only met Lookinland once and it had been at least a year and in a different city.
We talked to Lookinland about doing these conventions and he expressed an interest in doing more.  He enjoyed meeting the fans and seeing his old Brady Bunch mates.  At the MCCC, Susan Olsen was the only other Brady.  They showed a normal sibling relationship by drawing on each other's 8x10's.
After talking to Lookinland for a bit, we asked him if he would do a promo for Johngy's Beat and he agreed.  That promo can be seen below and also has taken its rightful place in the "Testimonials" section on the right.

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