Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cards That Never Were

As most regular readers know, I have a fascination with virtual card creations for "cards that never were".  I have saluted such blogger/card creators as Cards That Never Were (at White Sox Cards), Chachi Cards (at The Phillies Room), random card creations and corrections (at Wrigley Wax), Final Tribute cards (at Garvey, Cey, Russell and Lopes) and random stuff (at Punk Rock Paint).
I have my own virtual card creation series called "Celebrity Jersey Cards", which combines my interest in celebrities and my passion for trading cards.  If a celebrity wears a pro jersey and I see it, a Celebrity Jersey Card will be created.  I also have created a handful of legitimate cards that never were, including my 1979 Bobby Douglass rookie baseball card.
I felt pretty good about my Douglass card.  Finding a picture of him from his brief stint in the White Sox organization was difficult.  The b/w photo I found worked well on the 1979 Topps Rookie Prospects card.
One day, however, I came across an even better version on a site appropriately called "Cards That Never Were". 
John Hogan is the creative force behind the "Cards That Never Were" site.  As I have mentioned, I love these type of cards and John's site is loaded with them.  Along with his regular CTNW creations, he has announcer cards, an ongoing Mickey Mantle project and much more.  I have been known to roam and marvel at his creations for long stretches.  He shows so much creativity and produces great stuff.  If you haven't already done so, you should really check out his site, Cards That Never Were.


Hackenbush said...

Those uniforms were Bill Veeck's idea, right? They should both Rest in Peace.

Johngy said...

They version with the shorts was even worse.

Hackenbush said...

You ain't kidding. I think today there would be a grievance filed by the Players Union before they would wear the shorts.

Cards That Never Were said...

Veeck had some odd ideas, like the shorts or Eddie Gaedel, but he also made Larry Doby the second black player and the second black mananger in the MLB, plus he's responsible for both the Comiskey Park scoreboard (way ahead of it's time) and the ivy at Wrigley Field.

BTW thanks for the nice words, again.