Monday, September 5, 2011

Friendly Encounters

This is a weekly series about friends who have met celebs.

The college football season started Saturday.  My niece Sam is now going to the University of Iowa and I am really looking forward to a roadtrip to see the Hawkeyes.
Last year, Sam attended Southern Illinois University, but I missed the football roadtrip.  Fortunately, Sam's parents never forget me and made sure to get a picture with the Salukis mascot (who I believe is known as Grey Dawg).
Just looking at that photo makes me excited about the Iowa trip.  A real college football game at a Big 10 school, no less.  Oh sure, I have gone to other college games, such as the yearly trip to the Big House with my friends Jim and Cuzz.  This game is different though.  Sam gives me a legitimate rooting connection to the team.
My nephew Matt provided a basketball rooting connection at DePaul, but I already had that since I am an alum.  My niece Laura gave me great memories on two trips to New York for her studies.  Sam though is giving me a big time college football experience.
With some luck, I am hoping to meet Herky the Hawkeye at a game.  If I do, you'll see it here!
Jean and Scott Parker and the SIU Salukis mascot in Carbondale, IL-Late 2010.

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