Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Belated Happy Birthday to Fran

How did I miss it?  How did I possibly miss the big red asterisk on my wall calendar next to my pc?  It was indeed a smallbrain moment.
Fran Gallagher's birthday was 5 days ago and I missed it!
Fran is a lot of things.  As president of Global Traveler magazine, he is my boss/client.  He is an avid golfer.  He loves to have a good time.  Most of all, he is a great, great friend.
Fran recently surprised the heck out of me by showing up at my mom's funeral service.  The guy flew from Philadelphia to show his support for me.  I was just floored.  I was also happy that the rest of my family got to meet Fran.
Fran and I exchange barbs (and punches) continually when we are together.  It has been that way for the 27 or so years we have known each other.
The photo below is typical Fran.  After poking me for my blogs, he made me the Globility Award winner at Global Traveler's annual awards ceremony.  Then, when the photog came to take the picture, Fran pranked me.  One minute serious, the next insane.
Beyond the jabs though is a deep respect.  Fran is a true friend..a brother in fact.  So here it is in are like my brother and I love you, big guy!
Fran Gallagher and me in New York, NY-January 2010.


The Parkers said...

Happy belated birthday wishes to Fran! It was nice to finally meet you a couple of weeks ago!

Evil Zebra said...

I missed it too.....

and I bet there was CAKE!!!

Happy Belated B-Day Fran!!

Take it,