Sunday, November 6, 2011

Bear Down Sunday #8 (Really on a Monday)

The Chicago Bears (4-3) are facing the Philadelphia Eagles (3-4) tomorrow.  This is sort of a Global Traveler battle with a celebrity connection thrown into the mix.
I am based out of Chicago.  The Global Traveler world headquarters is based out of the Philadelphia area.  The rivalry is a natural, except Chicago hasn't done much to make it a competitive one.  Like most Chicago fans, I remain optimistic.
As for the celebrity connection, earlier this year, former Eagles star Vince Papale was the Guest of Honor at GT's annual awards event.  Papale was a walk-on who became a cult hero and the subject of the movie Invincible.
Papale was one of the best celebs to appear for GT.  His speech was inspirational and humorous.  He eagerly posed for photos and signed pictures.  He also stayed around all night talking to everyone and sharing stories of his career and the movie.  It was a great time.
With all due respect to my fellow paison Papale, I am still hoping for the Bears to crush the Eagles tomorrow!
 Vince Papale and me in New York, NY-January 2011.


Fuji said...

i was just reading an old issue of beckett football and they mentioned papale. now that the hype has settled, i'm in the process of hunting down his rookie card.

Johngy said...

Yeah, we totally overpaid to get a couple for him to sign at the event. Even he joked about it. He really was a funny guy. He hung out all night with us.