Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bill Apter Joins the Jay Leno Club

As previously explained, the Jay Leno Club is a group of celebrities who have made some sort of comment about me resembling Jay Leno.  Long time journalist Bill Apter is the newest member of the club, although I might have cheated him out of an earlier entry.
Bill is considered to be the best wrestling journalist.  He has been informing and entertaining wrestling fans for over 25 years.  Currently he can be found at and also at wrestling conventions.  I have met him a few times and he is a great guy.
I recently exchanged emails with Bill about some of his celebrity stories.  In one of his responses, he said that he remembered me from the Wrestle Reunion in 2005 and then he referred to me as the Jay Leno lookalike.
Obviously, that remark put him into the Jay Leno Club.  I am just not sure if he called me that at any of the events when I previously met him.  It doesn't really matter.  There are no lifetime stats for longevity in the Jay Leno Club.
I am proud to induct Bill into the Jay Leno Club.  The membership now stands at eleven.  Who will be the twelfth?  Who knows?


J\/\/ said...

Haha, I definitely see it! My friend has what I guess we could call an "Ivan Koloff" club. He looks exactly like Ivan in his Bruno-battling days. Many wrestlers including Bruno and the topic of your entry, Mr. Bill Apter, are in his. Slick had to ruin it and call him "Boris Zukhov," but as I pointed out to my friend...that's because he managed Zukhov! :-)

Evil Zebra said...

Congrats to Bill.....

You made our Jay Leno Club!!!

An not only that.... you made it to a post in EZland too:

Heck.... I think that this Jay Leno club needs to be featured on the Jay Leno show.... or at at least in Pro Wresling Illustrated!

Where is Dan Murphy when you need him!?!!?

Take it,

Johngy said...

JW-Maybe we can have competing clubs.

EZ-You have all of the Hollywood connections. Get me on there and you come, too!