Sunday, November 20, 2011

Happy Birthday and RIP Lizzy Wroblewski

Today would have been my mom's 82nd birthday.  Unfortunately, she passed away about 2 months ago.  I couldn't bring myself to write anything at that time, but I wanted to acknowledge her today.
My mom was not the easiest person to understand.  She wasn't very open, nor was she expressive of her feelings.  She was my mother though and I knew she loved me (and my sisters).
Nancy, Jean and I got together to write a short good-bye to mom.  We wanted it to be genuine and not over-the-top.  We wanted to show that our mom was a special person.
Below is the result.  Below that is our cousin Ernie who read the piece at the post-service lunch.
Elizabeth "Liz" Wroblewski was a devoted wife of 53 years to Frank, mother to Nancy, Jean and John, mother-in-law to Scott and Dave, grandmother to Laura, Matt and Sam, sister to Mary and friend to many.
Liz was a private person, often keeping to herself, but everyone in her life felt her love.  Sometimes she had trouble expressing it, but she deeply loved her family and was especially proud of her grandchildren.  Although she couldn't travel far, she was there in spirit for Laura's musical performances, Matt's recent college graduation and Sam's volleyball games.
Her strength and determination allowed her to persevere  and overcome life's challenges.  It also meant she usually (and by that we mean always) got her way, as family, friends and even her nurses soon found out.  Queen Elizabeth, a name lovingly bestowed upon her by many, was not to be denied.
Liz always had a big sweet tooth.  Whether it was homemade pastries by lifelong friend Butch, chocolate cookies from Calumet Bakery or chocolate nut cookies from granddaughter Laura (her newest personal sweet-maker), Liz was always in the mood for sugary delights.
One of Liz's pleasures in recent years was going to the gambling boats.  Even during her recent lengthy hospital stay, the thought of a trip to the gambling boats was more than enough incentive to motivate her through her therapy sessions.  Fortunately, thanks to Jean and Scott, she was able to make one last triumphant return to her friends at Majestic Star followed by a meal at Michael's, her favorite restaurant.
If there are slot machines in heaven, surely Queen Elizabeth is sitting in front of one now.
There is one last note I must add.  I cannot adequately express my thanks to the many people who showed their love and support to my family during that time.  Cousins drove in from Ohio.  Fran flew in from Philadelphia.  Cuzz, Jason, Kim, JayHawk, Jim, Chachi, Louie and Effie all showed up.  If it wasn't a sad event, it would have been one heck of a party.


dodgerbobble said...

Sorry for your loss Johngy.

dayf said...

Sorry for your loss. Hang in there and always remember the good times. If there are slots in heaven I'll bet she's sitting next to my grandmother right now and they're both hitting a lot of 7s :)

Johngy said...

BoThanks guys. It is all appreciated.

Jean Parker said...

Job well done brother John. We all miss mom and it is extremely hard for dad. Just hoping dad gets through the holidays with some peace and joy!