Tuesday, November 15, 2011

On the Beat with Blake DeWitt

I can't explain Blake DeWitt.  He seems like he should be a regular second baseman, but it isn't working out.  I'm not saying he would be an All-Star, but he seems like he is better than the utility player he has become with the Cubs.  In writing this, I just realized he is only 25.  Maybe if he can escape the quagmire that is the Cubs, he could find more playing time on another team.
Twice before, I just missed getting DeWitt for a quick question.  That changed on our last trip to Houston when we spotted him flipping a ball on the dugout steps.  While he could still decline, at least we knew he wasn't too busy.
DeWitt was gracious enough to answer our question, although he didn't give us a concrete answer.  Maybe he is just being politically correct in case he does land elsewhere in the future.  Whatever the case may be, I appreciate DeWitt talking to us for a moment.

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