Wednesday, November 30, 2011

On the Beat with Harry Smith

I almost met Harry Smith at the Wizard World con last August.  By the time I got to the Resistance Pro Wrestling booth, he was gone.  Fortunately, it was announced that he would be appearing at their debut event in Chicago.  That event was Black Friday, which took place last Friday.
Smith wrestled an exciting match which ended in a draw and set up a three-way for the title in January (at the next RPW show).
At the after-party, I approached Smith about an interview, which he very politely accepted.  Johngy's Beat contributor Scott Beatty (of AU Sports) conducted the interview.  In the background you can hear the party at Excalibur.
Obviously, we talked about his lineage and training.  He is the son of the late great Davey Boy Smith (the British Bulldog) and the grandson of Stu Hart (patriarch of the legendary Hart family) and he trained in the Hart dungeon.  We also discussed his career and Resistance Pro Wrestling.
Hart looks to be the real deal.  Smith looked to be in great shape.  He has size, athleticism and charisma.  He knows and respects the business.  I think Hart is going to make it huge one day.
Hart was extremely generous with his time and we greatly appreciate it.  We want to thank Hart and RPW for the interview and access.
We look for great things from him and from RPW and we will be there in January as he is crowned the first RPW champ!  After you watch the interview below, check out  Also, you can go to Harry Smith's Facebook page to learn more about him and keep updated.

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I thought it was going to be sportscaster Andrea Joyce's husband. My bad.