Friday, November 11, 2011

On the Beat with Rain Pryor

As I wrote earlier this week, last Friday, I enjoyed an evening of comedy featuring Marc Price at Riddles Comedy Club.  Marc wasn't the only comedian that night.  Rain Pryor also performed.  It was my first time seeing Rain in person and I walked away very impressed.
I could write pages on Rain's life and career, but you can find that info elsewhere, like on  She has such an impressive resume (actor, vocalist, author, comedian, producer and more).  She has had her battles in life, but has overcome them and is now a happy mother and wife.
While most of that is well known, I am here to tell you that she is one of the sweetest, coolest people I have met.  When I contacted Rain about talking to her at the show, she replied with "but of course I will".  It was a great start, but the best was actually seeing her perform and talking to her later.
She was hilarious, as she covered topics like motherhood.  She totally floored the crowd with her fantastically accurate and humorous impressions of her father (the late great Richard Pryor).
I introduced myself to Rain after the show and we went back into the show room to talk for a few minutes.  That chat is below.  She is so natural and funny.
After the interview, we talked for a few moments and I walked away feeling so good about the experience.  Rain just is so sweet and genuinely personable.  I left thinking she is truly beautiful in every sense of the word.
I interview a lot of people, most of whom I am already a fan.  I usually am happy about meeting and talking to my interview subjects.  With Rain, I felt all of that and I simply felt good about life.
If you get the chance, go see Rain perform.  You will absolutely love her and her show.  Until then, please go to to learn all about this amazing woman.  Also, I just bought her book, Jokes My Father Never Taught Me: Life, Love and Loss with Richard Pryor.  I am looking forward to learning even more about Rain and I will let you know all about the book right here on a future day.


Traci A said...

She is so cool. I love her!

Carlos said...

I saw her that night. She was too funny! It was a great show.

Cleveland Mike said...

Great score getting Rain Pryor. Awesome.

N Hart said...

I remember her from Head of the Class and I have heard her sing. She has a beautiful voice. It's great that you had such a positive experience with Ms. Pryor.

Zealous One said...

Solid interview, John. Rain Pryor was so cool.