Sunday, December 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Dave

There are a lot of great people who were born on today's date.  Stone Cold Steve Austin.  Ty Cobb.  Keith Richards.  Dave Blais.  Steven Spielberg.  I happen to be related to one of them.  Today my brother-in-law Dave celebrates his birthday.
Dave is a great guy and deserves to be center stage here today.  (Besides...the usual Sunday feature of the Bears is better left unwritten...but I digress).
I have known Dave for about 20 years.  He's Nanc's husband, but he is more like a friend, than just a brother-in-law to me.  We've had a lot of fun together, including one crazy ride to the Rockford airport (when I was delayed in traffic getting to their house, causing us to barely make the flight).  He is also a faithful reader of Johngy's Beat and my Global Traveler blog (cheap plugs).
It is a big birthday for Dave, too.  Should I reveal just how big?  Well, maybe I'll just say he is certainly younger than Ty Cobb.  He is also younger than Richards and Spielberg.  Stone Cold is a wee bit younger though.  Perhaps I should have included Filipino-born American singer Renaldo Lapuz on my earlier list.
Anyway, back to the real point.  I want to wish Dave a happy birthday.  I hope it's a great day!
Dave Blais and me in the wild blue yonder of IL-Summer 2010.


Anonymous said...

That pic was taken at the Lke of the Ozarks in MO, but hey what's the diff. Thanks for the PR and the BDay wishes.

The Parkers said...

Happy 50! Hope you have a great day!