Saturday, January 14, 2012

Beth Aldrich:Real Mom and Really Cool

Several years ago, I received a phone call from Beth Aldrich.  Aside from being a wanna-be writer, I also own my own publication distribution company and Beth inquired about us handling distribution for her new magazine, fhi: for her information.  I sensed from the beginning that Beth was special.
Beth is special.  In fact, she is quite a dynamo.  She is high-energy, very positive and all things good.  Beth eventually took fyi online, thus ending our working relationship, but we have kept in touch.
Beth brought fhi to radio and to tv, before merging it with, a site full of recipes, facts and advice.  There are videos, pictures and stories.  The site is very active, with new, interesting stuff going up regularly.
Recently Beth (with Eve Adamson) wrote a book, appropriately titled Real Moms Love to Eat.  Like the site, Real Moms is full of friendly advice, recommendations and recipes.  It also includes a 10-part plan to make gradual changes in your approach to food.  The book is fun and light, but very informative and helpful.  Actually, it is sort of the book version of Beth herself!
Last Sunday, I met Beth at her book discussion-signing at the Evanston Library.  It was great seeing her again and getting my own signed copy of her book.  I also got a quick interview with Beth about Real Moms Love to Eat.
After you watch the video, go to to learn more about Beth and her book.  Also, check out the Real Moms Love to Eat Facebook page and follow Beth on twitter.  Also, check out my piece on Beth online for Global Traveler here.

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