Saturday, January 7, 2012

"P Diddy" Joins the Jay Leno Club?

The Jay Leno Club is usually reserved for celebrities who have mentioned me resembling Jay Leno.  On my trip to San Francisco earlier this summer, I almost had another inductee into the club.
While we were riding the famous cable car, the conductor asked my friend Jim if he thought I looked like Jay Leno.  Of course, my ears perk up any time I hear "Jay Leno".  I started laughing and said that I get that a lot.  The conductor then said he hears that he looks like P Diddy.
Because he did bear a resemblance to P Diddy and he made the Jay Leno reference, I tried to snap a picture (which wasn't easy considering it was night and the cable car had no interior lights).  I would have asked for a picture together, but he was kind of busy at the time (driving the train and all).
He doesn't officially make it into the Jay Leno Club though, because he is not a celeb.  The club would be too big if I included every regular person who made the connection.  Still, he gets an Honorable Mention or maybe a special plaque when I get the museum built.
If he has his own site and he has a P. Diddy Club, I wonder if he will write a similar post about "Jay Leno" joining that club.
Cable Car Conductor in San Francisco, CA-July 2011.


Petty Boy said...

Actually the conductor looks a bit like Nipsey Russell.

How about 3 points?

Mayo Man said...

I dunno, looks more like Denzel to me.

6.34 points?

Johngy said...

Petty Boy and Mayo man-I am left speechless.