Thursday, January 12, 2012

Peter Tork Joins the Jay Leno Club

Last summer at Wizard World, Peter Tork joined the Jay Leno Club.  As regular readers know, the Jay Leno Club is comprised of celebrities who have made a reference to me resembling Jay Leno.
The magic words were stated as I approached Tork's booth.  I laughed about it and explained the Jay Leno Club to him.  As he signed my photo, I announced his induction into the club (as captured on the video below).
I was really looking forward to meeting Tork, who as part of the Monkees, was one of my childhood favorites.  Tork did not disappoint.  We talked for a few moments (pretty long considering the number of fans in line) and then took a picture together.
Tork is the twelfth member (and third non-wrestling member) of the Jay Leno Club.  As longtime reader, sometimes contributor and Jay Leno Club member himself Evil Zebra stated, "First a zebra and now a Monkee in the Jay Leno Club...what's next?"  What is next indeed!  Nobody knows, but when it happens, I will report it right here.

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Hackenbush said...

Peter was always my favorite Monkee.