Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Zoltar Speaks

In the movie Big, a kid went to Zoltar Speaks, a fortune-telling machine, and wished he was "big".  The next morning, the kid awoke and discovered he was big (and also now Tom Hanks).  Hanks goes on a journey which sees him having success as a toy creator and finding love.  (Spoiler alert for those who haven't seen it) Ultimately, Hanks finds the machine again and wishes to revert to his old self.
I ran into the Zoltar Speaks machine while I was in Las Vegas.  I considered my potential wishes wisely.  Being in Vegas, large winnings seemed like a natural option, but I feared that selfishness would not be rewarded.  Being 46, I thought about wishing to be younger, but where would that really leave me?
Then I realized I hadn't had a good fountain Coke in a while and wished I could get one.  Oh crud.  That couldn't really be my wish.  No.  No!  I wish I would have another wish.  Unfortunately, you can't wish for more wishes.  I was done.
As I walked away, I came across a pizza place.  I wandered in and, knowing they would have Coke, ordered a large one.  I walked away sipping my very tasty Coke wondering what could have been...just like millions of other visitors to Las Vegas.
Zoltar and me in Las Vegas, NV-March 2011.


Core Contrarian said...

My kids love that movie. Every time we pass by a similar machine, they say "There's Zoltar!".

Fuji said...

I must find this machine and its magic powers the next time I'm in Vegas. Glad to see it granted you your Coke!