Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Big Ragoo and Johngy

When I was growing up, Fonzie was the coolest, but Vinnie Barbarino and Carmine Ragusa would have to be included on a Mt. Rushmore of cool.  The Big Ragoo was all of 5'3", but he appeared bigger on tv (much like Fonzie).  He could fight, sing and dance.
I have met Eddie Mekka a few times and he has been gracious each time.  The last time was at the Hollywood Celebrities Show.  Mekka was joined by former costars, Cindy Williams, Penny Marshall and Henry Winkler.  Oddly, Mekka Mekka sat a little away from the other three who had connecting booths.
I asked Mekka about it and he had no idea why the positioning was as such, but he showed no signs of being disturbed.  Maybe it was just a matter of space and logistics.  Still, they offered a special combo autograph and picture of the three, but Mekka again was on his own in that regard.  He was pictured on a cast photo of Laverne and Shirley, but I don't recall any photo with Mekka and Winkler.
Who knows what the thinking and reasons were.  It might be nothing.  It just seemed odd.  Mekka wasn't just a fringe character.
Whatever the case, as I wrote, Mekka was very friendly and chatty at the convention.  He posed and signed for fans all afternoon.
Eddie Mekka and me in Rosemont, IL-October 2011.

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