Friday, February 17, 2012

Good Luck to Serenity Tonight!

Serenity (aka Bree Bruce) is wrestling for the Resistance tonight and PCW tomorrow.  I am hoping to catch both matches.
Serenity just turned 21, but is a veteran of almost four years inside the ring.  I was very impressed with her ability in the ring and her poise outside of the ring.  Serenity represents the best of women's wrestling.  She is hard-working, athletic, charismatic and cute.  If Serenity continues on her path, I see big things for her.
Serenity and all of the excellent women of R-Pro are great reasons to go see Resistance Pro Wrestling.
My only real question is when Serenity hits the big time, will she remember us little guys at Johngy's Beat!
Serenity and me in Chicago, IL-January 2012.

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