Friday, February 3, 2012

Missing Christy Hemme

Last year was the first in several years that we failed to talk meet Christy Hemme.  In fact, we had interviewed her in 2008, '09 and '10.  Unfortunately, the streak ended in 2011, despite us attending more events in more cities than ever.
We first interviewed Christy when she was part of the Rock 'n' Roll Infection and TNA Wrestling was holding their Bound For Glory event in Chicago.  In 2009, we talked to Christy at the Motor City Comic Con in Novi (MI).  Lastly in 2010, we had a short exchange with Christy at Wizard World in Chicago.
Christy is a favorite of Johngy's Beat.  She worked her tail off to become a solid wrestler.  Unfortunately, injuries shortened her in-ring career, but she has remained active on the wrestling scene.  Christy also has kept busy outside of the ring with her band HEMME.
Christy is always very approachable and fan-friendly.  She graciously has granted us interviews and has been thoughtful and informative with her answers.  She is also a very popular celebrity guest at any convention.
I am hoping to start a new streak with Christy in 2012.  I hope to see her at one of the many conventions we will be attending.  Hopefully, she will even grant us a few more minutes of her time and give us an update on her life and future projects.
Christy Hemme and me in Novi, MI-May 2009.

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